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My Doctor Who Blog

This my Doctor Who blog it is the longest running sci/fi TV show in Britain. It documents the history of the Doctors (actors who played them),Companions (actors who played them),Enemies,Episodes (and missing), Stories, Quotes and Sayings.


It was created by Sydney Newman who was born.
Sydney Cecil Newman
April 1, 1917(1917-04-01)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Died on,
October 30, 1997(1997-10-30) (aged 80)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Was a Canadian film and Television Producer, who played a pioneering role in British television drama in the 1950's to the 1960's. He was responsible for initiating two hugely popular fantasy serials The Avengers and Doctor Who.
His most famous quote is "I don't want any bug eyed monsters" in the show.

C.E.Webber was a British television writer and playwright. He is best remembered for his contribution to the creation of the science-fiction series Doctor Who while working as a staff writer for the BBC in the early 1960's. Although none of his scripts were eventually used in the programme-Head of Serials Donald Wilson felt he was not capable of 'writing down' to the level required-he participated in many crucial early development meetings, and co-wrote the first format document for the series with Wilson and Sydney Newman. His draft script for the proposed first ever episode formed the basis of the broadcast first episode eventually written by Anthony Coburn. Webber received a co-writer's credit on internal BBC documentation for the episode, although not on screen.

Donald Wilson
Born1 September 1910
Dunblane, Scotland
Died6 March 2002 (aged 91)
Gloucestershire, England
Donald Wilson was a television writer and producer, best known for his work on The Forsyte Saga in 1967.
The Script Department was rendered redundant by Sidney Newman's shake up of the BBC  Drama Department with his arrival as it's head in 1962, the highly respected Wilson was given one of the most senior positions under Newman as head of serials. With this position Wilson was responsible for overseeing the creation and development of a series that Newman himself conceived: an educational science-fiction adventure show serial for children called Doctor Who. The first format document for the programme was written by Wilson with Newman and Webber.
Wilson was the man responsible for most of the early development work on the show, although he did strongly attempt to dissuade producer Verity Lambert from using Terry Nation's script featuring the Doctor's most iconic alien race The Daleks. However when the script was made and transmitted with a roaring success he later called Lambert into his office and admitted she probably knew the show better than he did and told her he would no longer interfere in her decisions.

In 1965, Wilson gave up his position as Head of Serials to concentrate on realising his dream of bringing the Forsyte Saga to the screen.

The first Doctor Who producer was Verity Lambert. This programme was to become the most iconic and popular shows on British TV. Verity worked on the show from 1963-1965.

What is Doctor Who?
Doctor Who is a British television science-fiction series, produced and screened by the British Broadcasting Corporation on their BBC One channel from 1963-1989 in it's original form, with a new series launched in early 2005. In between the two was a special one-off television movie co-produced with Universal Pictures and 20th Century Fox Television, screened on the Fox Network in the United States in 1996.

These are the 11 incarnations of the Doctor. 1963-now.

It started on the 23 November 1963 and ran for 26 years until the Last Episode aired on 6 Dec 1989.

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